Did you know that there are 6 Clair senses?

Clair senses are different ways you intuitively receive guidance that correlate with the 5 senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and the ‘sixth’ sense of intuitively knowing something beyond explanation!

In this intuitive tips and tricks post, we’ll be focusing on Clairvoyance……..

Clairvoyance is when you see things visually when you’re able to see things through your 3rd eye or mind’s eye!

For example, imagine your mum’s face, you can see it, it’s not physically there but you can see it! – It’s just like that! 

You might find you see things more transparently than physically.

And you may also notice, That when you have a decision to make – You can ‘see’ a vision in your 3rd eye that is much clearer / more colourful than the other option (this is a confirmation that it is more energetically aligned!)

Maybe you have an awareness of seeing a colour, a glow of energy around a person or metaphorically through a dream which you need to interpret. 

Trick: Pay attention to what you see in your mind’s eye, especially in meditations, going about your morning rituals etc. Don’t try too hard to analyse it, just see what wants to come through! 

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Love, Jessie x