Are you a Starseed?

When you were younger did you ever feel like you didn’t belong here on earth?

Maybe you felt a connection to the stars?

At the time you may not have been able to put it into those words as such but you remember feeling like that in some way!

When I was younger I remember looking around the earth and thinking what is this?

I would open my cupboard drawer and be confused at the density of physical/ tangible objects. 

I used to look at physical objects and see them vibrating.

I would ask my dad ‘Where did we come from?’ Or ‘How did we get here?’, ‘Where does the universe go to?’ ‘What’s out there?’. 

He would say ‘I don’t know Jess – no one knows’. But I wasn’t ok with accepting this earthly human experience as this normal thing – I had questions! 

I remember looking out at the stars and thinking what’s out there?

When I would see a shooting star my heart would just explode!

Because these and similar types of experiences are really strong for Starseeds. 

Maybe for you, it was stargazing for hours, maybe you were always off with the fairies, or you never understood why things were the way they were.

It could be that you felt intrigued and interested in the stars, you had a moon and galactic fascination or you could see trees or objects vibrating… we all have our own individual experiences!

What were your experiences as a child and how did those experiences feel for you?

Working with Crystals to connect more with Starbeings

The Moldavite crystal is amazing if you really want to feel that sense of energetically being at home and connected to the cosmos, the galactic energies, the higher dimensions and the frequencies of that. It’s a great energy crystal if you feel that Starseed connection or if you want to connect more with the Starbeings or if you’re wanting to channel them.

The Moldavite actually came from out of space and collided with earth, there is only a finite amount of Moldavite that they’ve dug up and found so they are a little more expensive, however, you only need a small piece as it’s just as powerful.

Blue Kyanite also has a really good vibe for working with Starbeings. 

Starbeings & Starseeds 

Starbeings are the ones that exist amongst the cosmos in those higher dimensions non- physically. 

But for those of us who are Starseeds, we’re like Starbeings incarnated in physical form seeded into the earth/the planet and we’re here on our major missions! 

Starseeds aren’t very earthly, they’re not used to the earth, they’re not used to how this whole society works. 

Starseeds are very much on the leading edge, finding their own path, doing what they’re meant to do…being part of society and all of its structures feels like it’s holding them down. Can you relate? 

Starbeings are a lot more direct, a lot more focused, they don’t beat around the bush, they don’t tend to have a lot of patience. They’re the type to say ‘You either choose to move forward or you don’t!’

It’s not that they’re unloving or too brash or too masculine it’s just that they don’t have experience of the earthly 3D old paradigm world. They’re like – this is how you move forward and that’s that! They’re empowering us to realise it can be as clear and focused, and direct and powerful as that! 

Starbeings show us that we can make a quantum leap if we choose to embrace that sense of power within us. They’re on that leading edge, coaxing us towards that space of cosmic consciousness – ‘let’s go, let’s do this, let’s innovate, let’s lead and forge our own paths and push things forward and forget all the old stuff.’ They provide straight up, direct guidance – focused on moving forward. 

Working with Starbeings you’ll notice activations, upgrades and DNA shifts! They can really help with your multidimensional self, manifesting and quantum leaping. They’re very fast and, their energetics are really high frequency – downloading information centred around moving forward on your own path, leadership, something innovative or new, an idea – that no one’s done before! They also tend to be the ones that really work with the Lightcodes. There are multiple different Spirit Beings that help with Lightcodes but I particularly like working with the Starbeings for Lightcodes and Light language. 

Pleiadian Starseeds – have this really nice balanced energy – they’re the fan favourite of the Starbeings. They have a feminine/masculine balance. They’re gentle but firm. 

Arcturian and Orion Starseed – more masculine energies, very serious about what the earth and the collective is needing to do about their situation and how to move forward. 

Lyran Energies – a little more feminine energies, a little more astherial in their Starbeing consciousness. 

Which energies or beings do you feel most connected to?

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