Do you feel connected with the Elemental Beings? Whether it’s Fairies, Pixies, Elves, Nymphs, Gnomes, even Dragons, Unicorns, and Mermaids?!

As children, we had a natural connection with the elementals and then we were told that all the stories we had been shown or books we had read, movies we had seen about fairies and unicorns and the magical world were just our imagination, that it was all made up and now we needed to grow up and get into the real world. 

However, connecting with the elementals and their wisdom connects you with nature, and the medicine that they bring through Mother Earth – naturally cleansing, refreshing, restoring, and grounding your energy, it’s like pressing the reset button. They help to purify the air around you and neutralize the ions in your environment that your technology creates.

If you want to connect more with the elementals and bring them through here are some of the things you can do;

  • Get into a child-like, playful, innocence where you just believe beyond what this world has conditioned us out of – reactivating that childlike, openness.
  • Playing in nature – your favorite forest or place to camp, your favorite river or ocean or beach or pond, lake, even if you have a favorite tree or garden, or waterfall.
  • Bring yourself to a childhood memory in nature and the way you felt – so pure, innocent, playful, happy, peaceful, gentle, kind, believing in the magic, their hearts expand when you remember them, for they know the activation it creates within you.
  • Create an alter – Intentionally and creatively as a space for them to exist in your environment, a little home for them to play in whether outside or inside. They like crystals as well as fresh fruits (They take energetic nourishment from them). Welcome, and invite the elementals in, invoke them with your childlike, creative, artistic, energies, be pure in your intention and allow them to guide you, support you, inspire you, create and channel through you. 
  • Create an affirmation for yourself around your belief in their existence – their existence amongst the flowers, the plants, the trees, the forests, the gardens, the water sources. Create an affirmation and say it 3 times, confirming your belief.
  • Dance – it’s a really great way to play and strengthen your bond with them, and to soak in their energetics. 
  • Work with flower essences which are great examples of how such delicate energies can provide such potent magic and effect, this is very much a part of their presence. 
  • Work with plant medicines – treating the medicine with great holiness and respect and reverence, your intention must be very clear and pure. 
  • Work with Aragonite crystal – a feminine and grounding crystal.
  • Use a pot plant or flowers if you’re connecting with the elementals at home rather than outside in nature.
  • Sleep with your window open, if you’re able to, so you can have a connection with nature and fresh air. 

Sometimes part of their frustration is that they are nonphysical, they aren’t acknowledged in mainstream society. They sometimes feel like they have so much to give but they’re not being given as much an opportunity to come through because they’re so infinite, so omnipresent, so multidimensional, they have such an abundance to give, and sometimes they’re just like “let us help, let us come through, just let us do our thing, we’re here to help you enjoy the best of this earthly experience!”

Leave a comment and share with us what experiences you’ve had with them, how you connect or plan to invite them forward?