Did you know that there are 6 Clair senses?

Clair senses are different ways you intuitively receive guidance that correlate with the 5 senses of seeing, hearing, feeling, smelling, tasting and the ‘sixth’ sense of intuitively knowing something beyond explanation.

In this intuitive tips and tricks post, we’ll be focusing on Clairsentience…….

Clairsentience is when you receive guidance through energy, emotion and physical sensations.

When it comes to making decisions, you need to feel into each option before making a decision. Many empaths will associate with clairsentience.

When given options you may have loving and open feelings and know instinctively that it’s the right choice for you or you might feel anxious or tight or closed off to that option or you may even feel repulsed lol!

TIP: Ask yourself ‘what shall I have for breakfast?’ Feel into your emotions and body and what option you’re feeling most drawn to.

Also, try using your emotional and physical senses to play with and practice getting intuitive insights with….such as when someone gives you an option try using your clairsentience to notice if any emotions or physical sensations come up!

Don’t forget to drop into your soft playful feminine side when working and trying all of this!

If you’d like to find out which Clair comes most naturally to you take our quiz here: http://bit.ly/intuitivequiz

Love, Jessie x