If you really want a clear connection with your Spirit Guides, You gotta make sure you’re ‘meeting’ them energetically, on a similar frequency / vibration.

Just like tuning a radio to a frequency so that you can access a certain radio station (so you can hear it loud and clear without static or it dropping in and out.)

Don’t be one of those sassy bums who sit there expecting their Spirit Guides to do all the work – while getting grumpy that you’re ‘not getting anything.’ That’s as silly as tuning your radio to 80.6fm when what you’re wanting to hear is on 95.3fm – and complaining about it!

Our Spirit Guides are vibin’ high, Just waiting for us to raise our energy / frequency / vibration so they can send through some guidance, It’s our job to ‘tune up’ to them and receive it!

So, If you’re in a bit of a funk or feeling lost, You could jump straight into a meditation to connect with Spirit, You might get some bits & pieces. But if you’re really wanting a clear connection, You’d be a lot better off if you raised your energy / frequency / vibration first…

How? Do what feels most natural for you to start an up-hill momentum (energetically), Do you need to take some time to breathe first? To dance around the house to your fave music? To do something creatively expressive? To play like a child? To make love? To go for a run?

One of the Girls in my Gifted Experts Course realised that when she was approaching the Meditation practices to connect with Spirit, She was very in her masculine, With a lot of expectations of what she needed to experience before she’d even started, And knew it wasn’t feeling high vibe or receptive, So I asked her – What gets you most in your feminine? Where you feel most surrendered, open and on a ‘high’? She said – When I go into Savasana after yoga, or when I take my dog for a walk in nature… So she started to do something like this each time BEFORE going into the meditation practice. And it worked. She started getting really amazing experiences and clear messages from Spirit because she became aware of her energy and took responsibility for it (Her Spirit Guides were pleased!)

What can you become more aware of for yourself? What will you do to create a clearer connection?

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Jessica Reid, Clairvoyant, Channel & Founder of Spirit Girls