Don’t worry, we all have trouble surrendering and trusting our intuition from time to time, That cheeky lil mind gets in the way with logic and we get confused!

HOWEVER, we all know that logic will only get us so far.
We all know that our higher potentials are accessed by listening to our soul, Right?

Even though it may want to pursue the more wild, un-thought-of path which (quite honestly) feels less comfortable, And harder to explain!

So, It’s really up to us to just make an intentional decision, We can either play it safe, stick to logic (and settle for what comes along with that choice)
We can choose to be the wild ones, The ones who get to be surprised by what our souls have in store!

It’s as simple as saying to yourself:

“What’s the worst that could happen?! What am I so afraid of?! I don’t want to settle, I want to be pleasantly surprised!”

And set yourself this challenge:

For one whole week, Without exceptions,
Every intuitive insight or ‘hunch’ you get.

And just see what happens!
Realise that there’s nothing to be scared of,
That you’ll probably notice so much more ease, fun, creativity and synchronicities than usual …

Who knows, you might even open yourself up to a huge opportunity that you’ve been trying to manifest!

Jessica Reid
Clairvoyant, Channel & Founder of Spirit Girls!