“This ones especially powerful for the empathic & Clairsentient girls (The ones who FEEL their intuition)…

Sometimes you just need a strong YES or NO answer right?!

Let’s make that easy so you can get on with your soul path!

Step one: Stand up and get really present with your body

Step two: Make sure you’re standing straight, feeling balanced and place your hands on your heart

Step three: Intentionally think of the question you have (That requires a simple yes or no answer)

Step four: Allow your body to naturally and gently sway either forward OR backward

Step five: Notice whether you were drawn forward to a YES or whether you were drawn backwards to a NO

Trust that your body is connected to your intuition, soul and truth. Your body can be a divine tool for accessing the above with signs & sensations…

All you have to do is get present and LISTEN.

Go ahead and try it!”

Jessica Reid
Clairvoyant, Channel & Creator of Spirit Girls