Connecting to our Ascended Masters

Did you know that our Ascended Masters are here, all around us?! 

They’re not far away in some star system out in the cosmos. They are right here with you!

They are calibrated with the earthly realm, they find it easy to connect with you, to have a presence in your life! 

They’re very aware of the earthly energetics, the human incarnation, the complexities of being a soul in a human experience.

They’re compassionate towards our challenges and experiences. 

They celebrate the beauty of being a soul in a body and everything that is available to you. 

They sometimes miss the human experience, however, their consciousness is at a level where they are best served as guides for your earthly human incarnation. 

Feel the ease of inviting and welcoming them in. Surrender to the infinite abundance they have that’s available to you in service of your highest good and the highest good of the collective! It’s much easier than you think. We are intricately connected, you just need to remember this. 

Which of these below Ascended Masters do you resonate with the most?

  • Mary Magdalene – has a very divine feminine energy, she shows up as pink and red in essence, she has a powerful presence. She supports with feminine embodiment, soul alignment & sexual alchemy!
  • Jesus – Christ Consciousness – he has a strong sense of compassion and love and understanding – seeing things for what they are. A very centred energy!
  • Buddha – supports us to go within and really have that calm, peaceful observance of life – a strong sense of wisdom.
  • St Germaine – has a really powerful energy for transmuting energetics, environments,  spaces, situations. Certain things you’re needing to clear within your system. 
  • Ganesh – Supports us in overcoming obstacles and challenges. 
  • Quan Yin – with her divine feminine energy provides pure unconditional love – when you want to see things from a soft unconditional loving space call in Quan Yin.

You can access ‘The Spirit Experience’ – A Free Channeled course for connecting with Ascended Masters, Archangels, Starbeings & Elementals here:

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