Don’t forget to call upon your team of Archangels and Angels…

Archangels are assigned certain roles or purposes in helping with humanity, in guiding humanity and just loving us, supporting us and assisting us as we walk along with the earthly realm, so they’re always there, available, open to connecting with us. 

Angels are kind of like the assistants to the Archangels – they are widespread and all around us, amplifying the angelic energy for us to feel into and be nurtured by. 

The archangels and angels have this really gentle, nurturing, really loving, really encouraging, supportive energy that they want us to tap into. Explore this list of 15 Archangels (AAs) and how they can help you if you call on them:

  • AA Michael – strength, courage and energetic protection. 
  • AA Raphael – healing on all levels. He has that emerald green deep healing energy, you can call upon him for any type of healing, helping with your overall wellbeing.
  • AA Gabriel – clear communication (especially with Spirit). He has a light blue energy, he comes through to help with communication – soul to soul or communication with Spirit, also with accessing your Clairaudience and Channelling abilities. 
  • AA Ariel – the divine feminine and our connection with nature and animals. 
  • AA Azrael – mediumship and comfort for the friends and family of loved ones who’ve passed. 
  • AA Chamuel – compassion, friendships and relationships.
  • AA Haniel – empowers spiritual practitioners with the gift of heightened intuition, receptivity, and self-awareness. A beautiful energy to work with for your intuitive development. 
  • AA Jeremiel – helps souls reflect on their human lives. 
  • AA Jophiel – self-love, encouraging us to see our beauty on the inside and out. 
  • AA Metatron – helps those who are stressed, or who need more stability/structure in their life.
  • AA Raguel – truth, honesty and justice. Really good for people who want to fight for certain causes that don’t have a voice – standing up for justice. 
  • AA Raziel – helps us unlock and understand the ‘secrets’ of life, how the world works. A really magic energy to work with e.g. law of attraction, quantum leaping. 
  • AA Sandalphon – the balancing of heaven and earth and the connection of the different dimensions. Really experiencing heaven on earth and that multidimensional experience or awareness. 
  • AA Uriel – shines a light on our strengths and weaknesses so we can become our highest selves. You might call upon Uriel if you’re doing a bit of shadow work – if you’re wanting to understand yourself and what’s needing to be healed/ shifted in order to embody your highest self.
  • AA Zadkiel – forgiveness, and the understanding of challenges we face for our ascension. Forgiveness can be really hard – so if you’re needing that energetic strength to forgive he can be great to call upon. 

A channelled message from our Archangels and Angels

“So what is it like to feel angelic energy? …It is a sense of pureness, a sense of loving, nurturing energy, soft, gentle, a beautiful balance of feminine and masculine energy and a feeling of wholeness. Feel yourself surrounded by our energies, nothing is missing, there is no form of support that is not available to you from us. 

Those who allow themselves to be nurtured and supported, find it much easier to connect with us, to call upon us, to let us in. So it’s good to ask yourself –  do you have any resistance to connection and support – allowing yourself to be nurtured and taken care of?  That in itself is a big key to understanding and deepening your relationship with us.

We desire so deeply to assist and support and nurture you and to be your angelic cheerleaders but we will not override your free will to connect with us. It is very much a two-way street, a 50/50 commitment to the relationship. However, we are always available, any day, any time, anywhere… 100% committed to being here for you – with anything that you call upon.”

A channelled message from Archangel Ariel 

“There are quite a few of you that I would love to serve, to work with, to deepen a relationship and bond with. 

You’ll know if this is you because you’ll feel a magnetic pull towards me, a pulsing gravitation.  

I’m here to assist you in embodying your feminine knowing of who you truly are, your embodiment, your truth, who you came here to be and the incredible power that comes from this feminine knowing. 

Think of an example of a women you have come across at some point in time and you’ve thought ‘wow’ she knows who she is, her feminine radiance is strong, she bows down to no one, she does not feel any inferiority to any man… she has a solid, centred knowing within herself, she makes no apologies for who she is. She has no apologies for her boundaries and she knows herself powerfully. 

If you feel you are ready to upgrade in this sene please call upon me, please let me in and please practice feeling and embodying the energy that I transmit to you. Feel my guidance as to how you can implement it, and integrate it. Thank you I look forward to our connection!”

A channelled message from Archangel Raphael

“I know that many of you have felt a certain sense of disruption in your energies, in your life, in your experience of the earthly realm of late. It is clearing a lot of room for healing not only individually but collectively as a whole, as a planet. 

I have been doing a lot of energetic work with the fundamental operations of the earth and the collective, a lot of the structures have required healing and so be assured that if you feel a disruption or a dismantling of how the earth and the world operated as you knew it previously it is just cracking wide open for healing, for reconciling, for oneness. 

And so you may notice my emerald green energy spiralling throughout the earth and collective, call upon it and my assistance and omnipresence, to assist in the reconciliation, the oneness. And to channel through you individually for your own settling within your systems to heal from this experience of certain divides that have happened within the collective. 

You may prefer to call upon this energy and my presence when you are falling asleep at night because I can more easily channel it through into your systems as you open up and relax – as you fall into slumber, and I can make sure it is marinating with you as you sleep.”

A channelled message from Archangel Michael

“It is my honour to provide strength and protective energy for those of you who feel need it. However, you must understand that it is a higher honour of mine to remind you that you have the strength and resilience, the confidence, the courage, the fearlessness within yourselves inherently as a soul. 

And to see you embody and radiate this through your own forcefield is much more potent than outsourcing your power or protection, strength or your boundaries!

Let my assistance be a great example for you but don’t believe that you need it from me outside of yourself.

You have just as much strength, courageousness, confidence, fearlessness and protective boundaries as I do but because you have stepped into the earthly human experience you actually have more!

It is very easy for me to exist in the non-physical energetic angelic realm, to hold these energetics, But it is much harder for you to carry those energetics in the earthly human experience and to embody them and to implement them and radiate them in a realm where it so easy to forget that you have these energetics, these capabilities… in a realm where there are many more challenges to face. 

Put your hand on your heart and honour yourself, feel this power, and just know that I am here any time, anywhere you just need that reminder.”

A channelled message from Archangel Raziel

“Do you believe in magic? Do you believe in the unknown? Do you believe in the quantum field that holds all of the possibilities and potentials for your experience in this universe?

If you do, you will find it very easy to connect with my energy, you will find it easy to welcome me in, if you do not you will find it much harder but I feel confident that most of you do. 

I am much like the wizard of the universe I know your secrets, your spells, the magic, the potentials, I understand the so-called unknown and it is so much fun for me to bring this through for you, to educate you upon this.  Working with me is like going to Hogwarts for the universe – we have a lot of fun, we experience a lot of magic if you are available to it!

If only you knew that you have an effortless ability to cast spells into the universe yielding every single desire that you wish to experience in this physical, palpable, tangible form.

So if you can embrace your alchemy as much as possible, if you can feel the magic, the magnetism, the ability and power within yourself to yield from the universe everything you desire and to utilise this alchemy in your words, in your actions, in your leaps of faith, it is my joy to assist you in compounding and expanding on the incredibleness that becomes of it.

It is not only a good time but a great time to begin working with me if you haven’t already or to deepen your relationship with me if you have worked with me in the past. Let’s play together, with the alchemy, with the magic of the quantum field in this universe, in the new paradigm together.”

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