Been looking for an intuitive to have a Reading with? And wanting to make sure they’re high-vibe? We’ve created this listing of Readers who we recommend

– So that you don’t have to worry about wasting your energy, money or time with a phoney psychic!

These Girls are genuine, loving and really honour the integrity of offering Readings in a way that is empowering for their clients,

Have a scroll through and see who you feel drawn to… Then visit their website to make a booking!

Jessica Reid 

Founder of Spirit Girls & Gifted Experts  

Jessica is a Global Clairvoyant & Channel, Who has been providing Readings professionally since 2012, Has become a trusted regular Reader for Hay House Authors and many other BossBabe CEO’s worldwide with amazing testimonials!

Who is now training other intuitives to professionally provide Readings from a very high vibration through her course Gifted Experts!


Tash Lockie

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

I consider myself mainly clairvoyant and claircognizant, but will also experience the other ‘clairs’ during readings as well. My readings often begin with a Tarot card draw and then progress from there, but if I get a download of information straight away then I won’t use the cards. I offer in person readings in Napier, NZ and via Skype/Facetime or via email in written or audio format. My guides always give practical tips and practices to pass onto the person I am reading as it is really important to me that they go away feeling empowered and with steps that they can take to move into the direction they wish to go. I have been giving readings for the last 1.5 years and it is something that brings me a lot of joy 🙂

Felicia Lorenzson – Light Of Freya

Gifted Expert Phase 1 & 2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

Instagram: light.of.freyja

I offer Channeled/Card readings covering any area of life, distance Reiki sessions combined with channeled readings and Physical Reiki sessions. My services are offered to women only. I am mainly Clairvoyant and Clairaudient. I offer readings and Reiki healings both online via Zoom and in person in Skövde, Sweden. The goal of my services is focused on self-improvement, self-love, women-empowerement, overcoming hardships of the past as well as guiding you to finding the right path in life. I first discovered my gifts when I got initiated with Reiki and I’ve been offering readings since early 2020.

Ashley Heckroth – The Desert Clairvoyant

Gifted Expert Phase 1 & 2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

I facilitate clairvoyant readings & pull 3 cards for my clients. I do video call meetings or in person in Tucson, AZ. The core purpose of my readings is to provide clarity and guidance to those who are healing. I’ve completed Phase 1 & 2 of Gifted Experts. I have taken one other course gifted to me by a local clairvoyant and friend. I discovered my abilities through the spiritual community in Tucson. I’ve just recently started giving readings.

Angela Alexander

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

I provide intuitive Human Design chart readings for those who wish to rediscover their authentic selves and find more flow in their lives. I also provide consultations for custom made flower remedies…a beautiful way to propel your spiritual and emotional growth. I love to help women realize their natural gifts and open up to a higher vibe way of living. I am available for sessions via Skype/Facetime or telephone.

Joy DiBella

My name is Joy. I am an intuitive channel and I do Crystal Dreaming session one on one at Camden NSW Australia Healing with Akashic Record online messenger or Skype and do  channelled intuitive messages. My focus is to help you connect with your Higher Self, Spiritual Guides, Animal Guides and ancestors. I believe that we are all intuitive and capable of connecting with our Guides , I will hold a space for you, for you to acknowledge that you can heal yourself, unblock, dismantle your limiting beliefs and empower you by knowing your are Divine.


Theresa Lilja

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid) Instagram: theresa_tunes_in

I mainly offer Clairvoyant/Clairaudient ‘Heart’s Desire’ Readings. I’ve been on and off my spiritual journey my whole life but started embracing it two years ago. I’ve been offering readings since I graduated from Gifted Experts in February 2020. My readings start with oracle and tarot cards for an overall view of where you are in your life at this moment. I then intuitively start to channel messages in addition. I tap into your life purpose and illuminate what you need to focus on to move forward with clarity and vision. At this moment I offer readings via my booking system at Instagram theresa_tunes_in.


Phoebe Soetman

Gifted Expert Phase 1 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

Platinum Tarot Tarot readings & intuitive coaching offered in-person and via Skype, phone or email Winner of the 2019 Gifted Experts scholarship Platinum Tarot is devoted to unleashing powerful women! My biggest passion in life is to help women come to understand that the life of their wildest dreams is not only 100% possible, it is 100% non-negotiable! My readings & coaching sessions are incredibly powerful in breaking through what is holding you back, revealing truths, helping you make empowered choices and giving you practical ways to move forward and take control of what you want – and get it!

Melanie Suraci

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

I provide clairvoyant and channeled readings, as well as Tarot and Oracle readings via Skype and Zoom. I am a Radleigh Valentine certified Angel Tarot Card reader.
I assist women on their spiritual path and awakening journey. My goal is to help the confused and overwhelmed woman starting out on her own journey. With my assistance, I will help her overcome self-doubts and fears in order to step into her higher power and discover her intuitive and psychic gifts. 

Jessica Burtuff

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

I do clairvoyant and oracle card readings through video calls via Skype or Zoom.

My core purpose with my readings is to help women empower themselves along their journey through spiritual guidance. I take the messages from Spirit and give them to the women to help them move forward in relationships, soul purpose, career, etc.

I have been doing readings since April 2019.

Sara Brainard

Gifted Expert Phase 1 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

I offer channeled/clairvoyant readings via video call. My zone of genius is helping people to get clarity on their unique gifts and current soul themes, and embody and express them fully. I completed Gifted Experts Phase 1 and have been offering readings for eight months. I’ve been a medium and had psychic insights since I was a kid, and started actively opening and expanding my abilities one year ago! 



Kellie Boyd

Gifted Expert Phase 1 & 2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)
Instagram: @thefemininedrip

I offer claircognizant/clairvoyant readings. I tune into and help women to rebuild and heal through trauma and disempowerment, assisting with coming back into their bodies, to feel confident in their skin and reclaim their sensuality and self-belief, to confidently express their desires and to tap into their divine feminine flow. A holistic rebuild and rebirth to enable you to embody your most potent, powerful and sovereign self. Available internationally online with all sessions via Skype or Zoom and these are recorded and sent to you.


Ashley Clauré

Psychic Medium, Connecting with passed loved ones, As well as an Intuitive artist!

Available internationally online



Angela O’Leary 

My readings are predominately from Angel cards, I am a Kyle Gray certified angel card reader, having completed his course in London. I am also a member of his Angel Tribe and completing year two of his Angel card Mastery. 

I have also completed Sonia Choquettes  “ask your Guides” course and I am currently a student of Rebecca Campbell’s course – Work your light.

I am based in Ireland and do in person reading in Cavan or the surrounding counties but otherwise I do Skype, telephone or email reading


Sabine El Hassan

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

Clairvoyant and Channeling , online skype Readings, my Readings are designed for Ultra-Sensitive Girls to assist them in understanding and embracing their journey, so they can become a leading woman living a prosperous life: understanding and embracing your journey, how to see your unique gift, how to best fulfill your soul’s purpose, souls waiting to become your Child/Children, your Inner Child and remaining wounds to be taken care of, soul mates, twin flames, past loved ones and their messages, how your past lives may play in you having more strength to fulfill your purpose in this lifetime, your Spirit guides and how to be closer to them. Providing Readings since May 2019.

Valene Evanciew 

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid) 

Rising Sparrow Intuitive Alchemy, Clairvoyant & Channel,

Readings held via Skype worldwide, assisting women in aligning with their highest path!

I completed Gifted Experts & have been facilitating readings since April 2019.

Sierra Morningstar Blue

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)

I offer clairvoyant/claircognizant Soul Essence Readings. These readings offer a reflection and activation of your multidimensional self and your higherself. I tune into various aspects of your soul energy and in doing so activate and support your connection to your soul Star Chakra. Whatever is in your highest good in the moment will present, this may include your star origin, your galactic dna, as well as past lives here on earth.  These readings are designed to support your awakening and your Ascension process. They are designed to empower you and often include tools to help with becoming more free, sovereign, and confident! – All sessions are online via Zoom and recorded for your convenience.


Amy Belair

Gifted Expert Phase 1&2 (Trained By Founder, Jessica Reid)


At this time I primarily offer clairvoyant Akashic Record readings (with a focus on past lives, karma, life patterns, blocks, future potentials, soul journey, etc.) and Tarot card readings.  I love to read for all kinds of people, but my specialty is Spirit Babies and Mother-Child karma.

Apply to be a Spirit Girls ‘Recommended Reader’!

Soon we will be listing our favourite Intuitives who provide Readings (From a really high vibe) so that Spirit Girls worldwide can find credible Readers without having to run the risk of investing in a phoney psychic! 

Those who have completed the Gifted Experts Course with Jessica Reid will be favoured (As we know them personally and have been trained to a high standard of service) However, Applications are open to all! 

That being said, not everyone who applies will be listed. It’ll be a list based on quality, not quantity. We intend to create this listing from high integrity and with only those who we trust to represent the Spirit Girls brand.

If you hear back and you are listed, Awesome! If not, We will not be obligated to explain why.

With that being understood, Please submit your application below with the following details:

– Your Full Name

– Your Buisness Name & website where your Readings are listed

– Your ‘Type’ of Readings (Astrology, Clairvoyant, Mediumship, Channeling, Psychic, Cards/tarot/angel/oracle etc.)

– In person or video call or both (If in person, Where?)

– The core purpose & focus of your Readings (What’s your ‘zone of genius’? What are your Readings most helpful with?)

– Whether you have completed Gifted Experts or any other Intuitive Training / How you discovered your abilities & How long you have been providing Readings for 

– Please also upload a clear photo of yourself  (with no one else in it) that you would want to be listed on the website, It’s best of its a high quality photo (such as from a photoshoot) if you have one.


Disclaimer: Although we recommend these Readers, We do not guarantee satisfaction or take any responsibility for any services that they provide. If you choose to invest in any of their services, even if you found them through, Your involvement with them is independant from us. If you have any problems, You must communicate with the independant service provider directly. Thank You.