Hey Spirit Girls!

Imagine a Bohemian shop that has a ‘Practical Magic’ kitchen out the back, With Intuitive witches creating Potions, Herbal Tonics, Aura Sprays and magical skincare products for you to purchase…

I found it when I went to Tambourine Mountain! (Here in Queensland, Australia!)

And then of course I’ve been back a few times bringing different friends along & building my collection (my absolute fave is the Fairy Wing Botanical Perfume)

I also love that they have in house card readers, a naturopath and the owner grows the herbs in her backyard where she communicates telepathically with the plants, Asking them what they’d like to become (I’m obsessed with this process itself)

SO, I asked Kristy to come on the podcast to share all about the plant spirits, How she creates these beautiful potions, Lotions & Tonics…

And I asked her all the Q’s I was curious about / what I knew you’d all want to ask, Yourself!

I know this episode will resonate with you all but especially those who feel connected to the elementals, Fairies and nature spirits.

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Love, Jessie x