Hey Spirit Girls!

With the recent ‘Womb Laws’ that have been put in place recently, Lara and I felt drawn to sharing an episode about how we can alchemise the sacred rage we may be feeling & re-empower our divine feminine,

So that we don’t feel trapped in a perpetual / ancestral cycle of suppression …

Lara is all about embodied processing of our emotions, Sacred sexuality, Tantra etc. and I felt her medicine would be perfect for us all right now.

There were also some really beautiful, Channeled messages about the illusion of ‘power’ and what we perceive in the 3D matrix, As well as seeing how divinely empowered we CAN be in this period of contrast.

(Lara also shares about how men can step into their divine masculine to be here beside us, Both in the respects of responsibility & support.)

I know you’ll adore Lara & Feel really uplifted from this episode,

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Love, Jessie x