Hello Honeys!

Wanna know how I integrate my channelings into soul business offerings & Alchemise my results?

In the 5th month of Spirit Alchemy, We’re becoming Strategy Alchemists & I’m sharing about the processes I use, Like…

– Accessing my Soul Business Blueprint via my Spirit Guides

– Giving myself permission to be free & do things in the way I WANT to

– The Spirit Lead Launch Formula

– Opening Portals for my new offerings

– Coding my new offering in the quantum field

– Detaching my human conditionings from the energetics of the offering

– Creating quantum anchors (Tangible items, Experiences, Crystal grids etc.)

– Downloading lightcodes

– Upgrading my chakra system to align with the new offering frequencies

– Crystal clear structures

& How I alchemise my emotional codes throughout a ‘launch’ period so that I can secure / stabilise my energy / focus!

I know you’ll love this episode & The practical implementation of these practices that I share in Spirit Alchemy,

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Love, Jessie x