Hey Spirit Girls!

Do you sometimes feel a bit ‘shaky’ as an Empath? Like your nervous system is really sensitive to the energy around you… Making it hard to feel SAFE in order to have FUN / enjoy your life?

You’re not alone, It happens a lot, For empaths, For those of us who feel like an ‘alien on earth’, Or those who feel like they’re often ‘hovering’ over their body… Especially if you’ve also experienced high levels of anxiety / overwhelm in the past (or present.)

As sensitive beings, We often get caught in the ‘fight or flight’ mode when it comes to our nervous system, Which can become a ‘survival tactic’, But it lacks a sense of safety and it’s soooo important to bring that back in, In order to really enjoy our lives!

Libby De Franco is my personal ‘Health Witch’ who is also super scientific with all her knowledge as a naturopath (As well as an overall intuitive powerhouse!) and in this episode she is sharing all of her magical wisdom on how we can create safety in our nervous systems in order to have the most fun ever!

(Cause as empaths, It feels like complete freedom to let go and PLAY, Right?!)

If you’d like to join us in the ‘From Freaked Out To Super F*****g Fun’ Masterclass,

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I’ll be there and It’ll be MAGIC!

If you have any Q’s you can contact Libby on Instagram @libbydefranco or via her website https://www.libbydefranco.com/contact

Lots of love, Jessie x