Hey Spirit Girls!

Do you feel like the black sheep in your family – When it comes to your spiritual beliefs?

Maybe you were raised in a religion that no longer resonates with your soul? (or never did?)

Or is your family very ‘normal’ while you have all these ‘out there’ concepts,

So they treat you like some kinda weird witch?

Which makes it really hard to follow your own path,

Without feeling like you’re going to cause conflict or judgment…

Fearing that you might lose your spot in the ‘tribe’?

In this episode Silkina is sharing her experience of forming her own Spiritual beliefs, Having the confidence to follow her own path (even though her family didn’t quite understand) & Her insights on navigating the challenges…

As well as seeing this all from the higher perspective, Understanding how many of us have inserted ourselves within certain lineages, To bring through new consciousness, Opening pathways for future generations!

Listen now & Connect with Silkina through either her social media @soulsense.withsilkina or hear more of her wisdom via her podcast Soul Sense on iTunes or Spotify!

P.S She’s also joining Insight Timer to offer some free Meditations for you all!

Love, Jessie x