Hey Spirit Girls!

I want to introduce you to someone who I cannot even describe…

So instead I want you to experience & feel her energy!

Lauren works with Spirit to provide guidance, Is an amazing Medium, Is trained in bodywork, Has her Reiki Masters and Channels the elementals/consciousness of plants,

But these words just don’t do her justice…

She’s someone who you just have to lean into the mystery of & Experience the magic for yourself!

Lauren shares key aspects of her spiritual journey, Intuitive development and discovery of Plant Reiki in this episode (Which you’ll love hearing about!)

As well as gifting 2 listeners with a ticket to her upcoming Plant Reiki Healing Session

– Which you’ll want to win, Trust me!

Once you’ve had a listen,

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Book in with Lauren via her website for either a Plant Reiki Session, Intuitive Reading (or both)


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I hope you loved feeling all the vibes,

Love, Jessie x