Hey Spirit Girls!

Do you love Oracle Cards (& own a stack of them)?

And would you love to advance beyond the handbook… And to become a certified Oracle Card Reader?

Cards are amazing tools to activate messages of guidance,

We can begin with the suggested spreads and read the descriptions from the handbook,

But the most accurate and insightful readings happen we intuit the cards – Beyond the handbook.

The energetics of relaying what the handbook says, Can feel a bit broad, Like the messages could apply to anyone,

However the energetics of intuiting what the real message is, For the individual,

Feels undoubtedly clear and powerful!

In this episode, I’m sharing all about my new Oracle Advancement Certification Course which is beginning on April 12th…

The early enrolment offer will be available until March 28th,

All of the details and enrolment options can be found at bit.ly/oracleadvancement

If you have any questions, just reach out to me either on Facebook, Instagram @jessicareidclairvoyant or via email jessica@jessicareidonline.com

Love, Jessie x