Hey Spirit Girls!

I’ve been developing and further deepening my Intuition lately…

Clearing old resistance and re-coding from within…

Which has made it so much EASIER to allow guidance through my system!

I feel so much more embodied in my feminine, Intuitive self and I’m experiencing a LOT more flow,

In this episode I’m sharing with you what I’ve been integrating from channeling The Lightcodes Of Intuition over the past 6 weeks, As well as the (unexpected / unplanned) magic that spirit brought through for us in this course.

There are so many golden nuggets in this episode that you can start practising for yourself,

And at the end, I announce the flash sale I will be having on the 22/2 for you to access the self-study course version (all of the module recordings, Guided journeys that spirit channeled and the lightcode transmissions) for 1/3 of the investment!

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Love, Jessie x