Hey Spirit Girls!

When it comes to your health, Do you prefer to band aid your symptoms… OR do you want to truly understand (& naturally heal) the root cause?

My friend Meaghan Moran from Intuistic Health is alll about Intuitively tuning into the body to understand what is really going on and I have experienced her magic first hand!

I had a session with Meaghan recently where she tuned into my body/health and she gave me amazing insights as well as guidance that reallly resonated with me,

I just love her energy, Her approach to health and her whole philosophy,

So I want to share her with you all as I know a lot of you desire to learn from your bodies, To work with your bodies (rather than against) in order to experience optimal wellness!

I hope you enjoy our episode,

To connect with Meaghan Moran you can go to www.intuistichealth.com (she has a free Intuitive Eating guide there for you!) or connect with her on Instagram @meaghan.moran

Love, Jessie x