Hey Spirit Girls!

Would you agree that the most annoying thing about receiving Intuitive Guidance – Is when it’s unclear?!

This week my spirit guides have been bringing in downloads all about how we can create more clarity within our Intuitive system – And I’m sharing them with you in this episode!

These practices and shifts will blow your mind (or third eye!) wide open when it comes to realising WHY certain pieces of guidance have been unclear or haven’t made sense in the past, As well as how to make sure this no longer happens for you in the future!

If you’re ready to transcend the confusion, frustration, over-analysing, Questioning of ‘did I just make this up?!’ or ‘How does that even make sense?!’

You will LOVE this episode – Theres even a direct channeling from Spirit at the end!

If you feel like exploring all of The Lightcodes Of Intuition, Or feel like the complete live course would be perfect for your intuitive enhancement, Go to bit.ly/lightcodesofintuition to find all the deets & enrolment options,

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Love, Jessie x