Hey Spirit Girls!

I recently received my first ever (can you believe it?!) Tarot Card Reading from Marianna Gilli!

Honestly, I had never really felt drawn to Tarot previously, However, Marianna’s energy and approach really intrigued me!

I absolutely loved the way she worked with the cards and how she would intuitively deliver the messages coming through, And it completely resonated…

In this episode, Marianna shares with us her experiences of developing her intuition and has a special 11% discount for you if you feel drawn to connecting with her!

Listen now, Tag us on your social media (@marianna.higherself @jessicareidclairvoyant @spiritgirlscollective) and reach out to Marianna on Instagram @marianna.higherself to claim the special 11% off offer on her Readings!

Love, Jessie x