Hey Spirit Girls!

So, recently I had a Human Design Reading from @humandesignangel Angela Alexander!

And it was incredibly insightful for understanding my energy, How I function, Where / How I am most empathic (and where I was needing some more personal compassion/boundaries!) and much more about how I can best channel my passions! It literally felt like I was learning how to ‘hack’ my own energetic/empathic system by understanding its functions!

So Angela is on the podcast with us to share more about how empaths can benefit from learning about their human design… As well as sharing with us how personalised Flower Remedies can help us heal/move forward/ thrive!

Angela and I also present our special offer for listeners! You can receive my Spirit Guides Course AND a 1:1 60min Human Design Reading with Angela (Valued at $345) for only $88USD! If you feel called to this offer, Here’s the link to claim a spot: https://bit.ly/specialoffer88

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Love, Jessie x